Presence on social media

Social media is only the biggest development ever on the internet, and it’s your job to be really really good at positioning your business to do well in social media.

There are different types of social media that people and firms tend to use, to name a few there’s facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube, google+ (though g+ is still a thing that’s being figured out), and even deviant-art to some extend depending on your industry.  Oh!  And reddit too.  But we don’t talk about reddit… 

is reddit social media?

I’m technically social media!

Social media isn’t really heavy on the SEO; it’s not something that’s really intended for search engines to find and be the gate-keeper of.  For that, there’s always real estate lead generators, SEO experts and web developers.  Social media is something you kind of have to do yourself, and something you have to participate in.

According to some sources, social media is either the new employment revolution of the future and managing companys’ presence on social media is going to be a huge volume of work– and also the dream jobs– of tomorrow and even partly today, or it’s the most tenuous, tentative relationship between businesses and internet junkies ever.  If you think it’s a huge deal now; just wait until you see what it’s going to be like in the future.

So if you’re not involved in social media right now with your business, it’s probably a big market that you’re missing out on– especially if you’re a B2C business; like most businesses are.  Connect with your audience!