Marketing on the internet

Internet marketing is very different from regular marketing.  Business just in general is quite different on the internet.  The internet has a lot more of a network to it than it does a single-direction dictation.   You’ll have to account for this in all kinds of different ways and techniques.

On the internet your marketing is much more of a communicative process than a brute-force process.  It’s much more efficient and you’ll probably be able to make more money by yourself on the internet (if you’re smart about it) than you can working for a big company behind a desk or something– and it’s fun and exciting!  You’ll be part of the creative sphere!

Agreement on the internet

This image is the best thing we can do to finalize an agreement on the internet!

You’re going to have to be able to work with people from a partnership-basis, rather than on an employee-basis.  The relationship between employee and employer on the internet is very different than it is in ‘real life’– on the internet, each worker you hire is probably only going to work with you as long as you provide the most value to them that they can possibly get, and you’ll only hire them as long as they actually make you some noticeable money; or help you get things done that you absolutely must.

Marketing is about communicating the value of your product to your desired market; and nothing more.  On the internet this is very simple.  It’s blog posts, YouTube videos,  Emails, Websites, SEO.  The text you are reading right now.  It’s everything you do on the internet that is centred around your business.

According to some top sources, there’s a few tricks that every good online marketer uses.  Follow these, and you’ll probably find more success online than you will in regular jobs.