RSS feeds

No one talks about RSS.  But there are people that use it.  Why?

Hey what is RSS anyway?

RSS feed icon

You know this little thing that’s at the bottom of some pages, right?


Basically it’s like this.  There’s a standard way to update the text on websites, and when it is updated, there’s this thing called Really Simple Syndication, or Rich Site Summary, which updates.  It’s sort of like an anonymous subscription service for websites.  You can add a website to your RSS feed, and when they update their content; whizz bang boom you now know about it without having to check their website all the darn time.

Not too many people use RSS though, because there’s not enough people talking about it.  In fact, there’s lots of unutilized things the internet can probably do with RSS feeds and such that nobody is doing right now, according to some pretty good sources.

RSS by itself is, for instance, a really good niche; since only some people use it.  It’s not hard to find out who these people generally are and start to cater to them via the RSS feed mechanisms.  That being said though, RSS use is somewhat on the decline as internet-traffic behavior has shifted from people going to quite a many a website to just a handful of websites that are kind of ‘hubs’ for other things. That and web-designers typically prefer to focus on SEO-based traffic over RSS generated traffic.

RSS could be the future, and it also could be an item of the past.  It can go either way, really.