How to connect with your audience

Your audience is where your cashflow starts, so it’s important to connect and stay connected to them.  If you do not connect to your audience in a positive way that engages them, it’s likely that you’re going to find yourself in a position where making money online seems like it’s something that’s remarkably hard to do.  It’s not.

Money you can make online

This is $200, but it LOOKS really impressive!


Let’s be honest.  Working online is very fun and can be quite rewarding, but aside from the glamorization of it, it’s actually quite a regular occupation.  Just like in all marketing, you just have to find a way to reach out to people in a manner that suits them.  As long as you can connect to your audience, keep them engaged, and you have something to offer them that they want, there will be avenues for cashflow.

There’s all kinds of guides on how to best connect with your audience out there.  But find the one that works best for you.  If you need a website built, there’s always experts that can do that for you– but beyond that it’s always going to be about what you the entrepreneur does.

How most online content providers monetize is through ad-revenue and that kind of stuff; but that’s changing.  Internet users are becoming increasingly more niche, and only going to a few trusted websites.  So you’re going to have to take all this into account while you decide how to best position your ideas and put them online in a way that people can find and keep coming back to.

There’s always click-throughs and the advertising route if you’re selling a particular product or skill.  And you can also always start a blog.