Honesty is the key to good marketing

Marketing is everywhere.  Honest marketing is very, very rare.

As you all know, marketing is the practice of positioning your product or service in a way that makes it apt for people to buy or use it.  It’s a suite of techniques to get people to do what you want in a broader sense– but mainly it’s centred around the prospects of just getting people to do what you want, willingly.

There’s many types of marketers.  There’s SEO experts. There’s copywriters, content writers, publicists, orators, gurus, seminar-lecturers, advertising consultants, executives at large, large companies– and just a whole lot of different people.


Heya, we’re out dominating the world without you knowing.


But there’s really only one job that marketers ever have.  They have to communicate the value of products or services, to the niche that cares about that product or service.  That’s it.  Everything else isn’t real marketing; it’s scamming.

And just look at how prevalent that is!

Okay… while it certainly isn’t exactly illegal to sell hype, it still isn’t that great of an idea.  Chances are that you have a really great product that brings a good bit of value to your customers.  So… just be honest.  But be optimistically honest about how you pitch your ideas and products.

Eventually, if you continue to just do that, you’ll be able to build up a good online business, because every sale you’ll get will see the value of what you have, and they will come back for more.  Or, as the marketers know it; become a marketing conversion. 

Get enough of these going, and with a few other tricks up your sleeves, you can definitely be on your way to great online success!