Picking a good web developer

Let’s face it.  Most of us don’t have the skills to get our websites to do all the crazy and unique things we want.  So we have to hire someone to do that for us.

Agreement on the internet

This image is the best thing we can do to finalize an agreement on the internet!


There’s a lot of pitfalls to consider when hiring a web developer.  Remember, there’s quite a bit that goes into making a unique website, and if your website is going to be making you money, the time lost on having it not around is going to be the loss of opportunity for you to make money, and you could also be hemorrhaging overhead the entire time you are waiting.

The first thing to consider is communication. This is more important than price; if you can’t regularly communicate effectively to your developer, and you’ve hired them, then what you’ve just done is made a liability for yourself rather than an asset.

The second thing is affordability; and this only goes into your last thing to consider.  But obviously you can’t buy what you can’t pay for.  So if a web-dev is out of your league with the expenses, you just can’t buy them.

Lastly consider whether you can actually make a return on investment from this web developer’s work.  Take into consideration your business model and how monetizable that is, and also the time that the web-dev will be liable to take on the project.  Be aware that during that time you’re losing potential income, and you’re also spending money on overhead.

Generally the best idea is to get the best developer you can afford.  You’re making an investment in them; you’re not hiring them forever.  A good dev will do what you tell them; a great dev will generate value for you.

So remember, even though there are guides out there all about how to hire web developers, stick with what you know, and go with the best you can get.