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Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Anyone who has launched a new website does know something about SEO or may have heard something, somewhere, or read some material on SEO. They have a vague idea that some link building is required to enable their website to be visible in Google search. Many website owners may know more and may have read about, or heard from friends and associates about the need to do SEO on the website and the need to hire a Search Engine Optimization Specialist to do the job. The ones who have a little idea about SEO do enquire about SEO services from companies in their local area, or they search online for a SEO company to do the SEO for their site.

The problem arises when they ask for and receive a quotation for SEO for their site. Most website owners have a specific idea about which keywords they want to rank for - without doing proper research on whether these keywords will bring in traffic or not. They insist that they want their website to rank for a particular word or phrase along with their city names in different combinations - For example, Fashion Jewelry New York. Although this phrase might look as if it is searched, it may not have enough searches to warrant inclusion in the keyword list. A good keyword or key phrase is one that has at least 1000 searches per month. Anything less and it would be difficult to get any returns on the investment in ranking the keyword in Top 10 spots of Google search. The reason is that Top rankings cannot be achieved in a week or a month or two. It is a sustained campaign spanning several months and even years, depending on the number of keywords and the competition for the keywords. This is where an experienced Search Engine Optimization Specialist can assist.

An experienced and ethical SEO will inform the client that the keywords / key phrase that they have suggested will not provide adequate returns on investing in SEO, although they may be easier to rank. The Specialist can then provide a keyword research report and also provide suggestions on the choice of keywords. The website owner can then make a selection and ask for a quotation. Here it gets a bit messy as website owners are prone to select the most searched keywords (which are also the most competitive). When they get the quotation (which is obviously high due to the high competition keyword selection), they feel deflated at the cost. At this point, the Search Engine Optimization Specialist will enquire about their budget and make appropriate suggestions. The website owner can then finalize the list of keywords and monthly budget.

A Search Engine Optimization Specialist can not only help with keyword suggestions, but also provide guidance on website design (to make it more search engine friendly), website navigation, write content for the pages, and of course do Meta tag optimization. Once all this is done and the spadework (keyword research) and groundwork (design, content, Meta tags) is done, then the link building will start. The link building is continuous and is done on a regular basis to enhance the rankings for keywords slowly and steadily. If it is done too quickly, the website may be penalized by Google and all efforts will be in vain. If it is done too slowly or the On-page optimization is not done correctly (design, content, Meta tags) then the site may not rank well. But a Search Engine Optimization Specialist knows all this and will take care of these issues.