Top 5 Best Websites to Determine Real Estate Prices

There is no easy or even accurate method of determining your house value; even when dealing with basic appraisals, professionals will disagree on what a home is worth.

When it comes to successfully maneuvering real estate deals, one can only depend upon how much someone is willing to pay to more concretely determine the value of a given home.

Street Sign poits to the different home valuation services.

There is such a thing as automated appraisal systems; these tools will determine the value of a given home based on recent sales of similar pieces of property in a given location, though they do not take into account factors such as the condition of the property and the type of transaction along with numerous other variables.

In most cases, it is always essential that you utilize the services of a professional when trying to determine your property’s worth; however there are simple and effective resources you can utilize in gaining a quick estimation for your home’s value, many of which you do not even have to pay for, these including the following:

Whether you are looking to sell or rent your property out, Trulia is the perfect tool to achieve your objectives; it features a popular mortgage calculator that will allow you to make some very important decisions regarding your mortgage (specifically how much you can afford). With Trulia you will not only determine the value of your home but whether you are better off renting or buying a house depending on your financial situation.

Not many homeowners are aware of the existence of this particularly impressive resource. Even without providing any personal data, users can gain instant access to sales comparables as well as free home value estimates. The website is a treasure trove of information about real estate which is bound to prove useful to many an individual, this not even taking into account the mortgage calculator.

This website is highly popular for its ability to aggregate a wide ranging list of homes for rent and sale across the nation; by analyzing the homes that were sold in your area and their value, it is possible to determine what your home might be worth.

Zillow has its own internal algorithm that you can utilize via its tool (How much is my home worth) to acquire a quick estimate. The tool is not only free to use but you do not even have to register with the site. Once you enter your location in the appropriate field, you are ready to have your property’s value estimated.

Along with the mortgage calculator (perfect for determining which homes you would be most comfortable paying for on a monthly basis), if you are looking for comprehensive property listings, you need look no further than Along with a provision of property values that you can use to make home value estimations, the site will assist you in finding a realtor. The reports the site provides (with which you can analyze the comparables) are also particularly useful.

In order to receive the estimated value of your home, possibly even look for homes for sell (as well as real estate agents), requires that you register with them.

Property Tax Appraisals/Country Tax Records websites

Most countries will assess each individual’s property annually for the purposes of estimate property tax. For some people, knowing the government’s estimate of a given property can provide a lot of very useful information. Some people who have never utilized this resource might be surprised to learn that their property is being assessed at a value higher than it is actually worth, giving them the opportunity to appeal with the aim of reducing their property taxes.

Granted, the information acquired from a resource such as this is not particularly reliable; however considering that most such records are available online, it will not hurt to browse them.

Local MLS

Local realtors are very useful resources when it comes to matters of estimating the value of your property; most of them should have no problem estimating your property’s value on the MLS, probably even making available a comparable market analysis to you. They are unlikely to charge, especially since they expect to make a profit when they eventually list your property.

Admittedly some agents have been known to inflate the value of a house; but on the whole realtors are a far more reliable resource than some random automated system because they have local knowledge of the real estate market.

You can always increase your chance of selling your house for top dollar by making sure your house is worthy of a premium. Doing inexpensive upgrades can breing a substantial return on investment. Make sure you study this excellent infographic by Phil Spencer for a few ways to increase your house perceived value.

Infographic showing common ways to add value to your home


How to connect with your audience

Your audience is where your cashflow starts, so it’s important to connect and stay connected to them.  If you do not connect to your audience in a positive way that engages them, it’s likely that you’re going to find yourself in a position where making money online seems like it’s something that’s remarkably hard to do.  It’s not.

Money you can make online

This is $200, but it LOOKS really impressive!


Let’s be honest.  Working online is very fun and can be quite rewarding, but aside from the glamorization of it, it’s actually quite a regular occupation.  Just like in all marketing, you just have to find a way to reach out to people in a manner that suits them.  As long as you can connect to your audience, keep them engaged, and you have something to offer them that they want, there will be avenues for cashflow.

There’s all kinds of guides on how to best connect with your audience out there.  But find the one that works best for you.  If you need a website built, there’s always experts that can do that for you– but beyond that it’s always going to be about what you the entrepreneur does.

How most online content providers monetize is through ad-revenue and that kind of stuff; but that’s changing.  Internet users are becoming increasingly more niche, and only going to a few trusted websites.  So you’re going to have to take all this into account while you decide how to best position your ideas and put them online in a way that people can find and keep coming back to.

There’s always click-throughs and the advertising route if you’re selling a particular product or skill.  And you can also always start a blog.

Presence on social media

Social media is only the biggest development ever on the internet, and it’s your job to be really really good at positioning your business to do well in social media.

There are different types of social media that people and firms tend to use, to name a few there’s facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube, google+ (though g+ is still a thing that’s being figured out), and even deviant-art to some extend depending on your industry.  Oh!  And reddit too.  But we don’t talk about reddit… 

is reddit social media?

I’m technically social media!

Social media isn’t really heavy on the SEO; it’s not something that’s really intended for search engines to find and be the gate-keeper of.  For that, there’s always real estate lead generators, SEO experts and web developers.  Social media is something you kind of have to do yourself, and something you have to participate in.

According to some sources, social media is either the new employment revolution of the future and managing companys’ presence on social media is going to be a huge volume of work– and also the dream jobs– of tomorrow and even partly today, or it’s the most tenuous, tentative relationship between businesses and internet junkies ever.  If you think it’s a huge deal now; just wait until you see what it’s going to be like in the future.

So if you’re not involved in social media right now with your business, it’s probably a big market that you’re missing out on– especially if you’re a B2C business; like most businesses are.  Connect with your audience!

Honesty is the key to good marketing

Marketing is everywhere.  Honest marketing is very, very rare.

As you all know, marketing is the practice of positioning your product or service in a way that makes it apt for people to buy or use it.  It’s a suite of techniques to get people to do what you want in a broader sense– but mainly it’s centred around the prospects of just getting people to do what you want, willingly.

There’s many types of marketers.  There’s SEO experts. There’s copywriters, content writers, publicists, orators, gurus, seminar-lecturers, advertising consultants, executives at large, large companies– and just a whole lot of different people.


Heya, we’re out dominating the world without you knowing.


But there’s really only one job that marketers ever have.  They have to communicate the value of products or services, to the niche that cares about that product or service.  That’s it.  Everything else isn’t real marketing; it’s scamming.

And just look at how prevalent that is!

Okay… while it certainly isn’t exactly illegal to sell hype, it still isn’t that great of an idea.  Chances are that you have a really great product that brings a good bit of value to your customers.  So… just be honest.  But be optimistically honest about how you pitch your ideas and products.

Eventually, if you continue to just do that, you’ll be able to build up a good online business, because every sale you’ll get will see the value of what you have, and they will come back for more.  Or, as the marketers know it; become a marketing conversion. 

Get enough of these going, and with a few other tricks up your sleeves, you can definitely be on your way to great online success!