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SEO Expert - SEO Specialist

As an SEO Expert / SEO Specialist when we accept to do website SEO for a client to rank the site for the required set of keywords/phrases/search terms, we ensure that we rank the website in the specified time line.

The guarantee is to rank at least 60-75% keywords/search terms in top 10. If we are unable to rank a website for at least 60-75% search terms in Top 10 in the specified time line, we will continue to provide our Expert SEO services for the keywords after the time line and for as long as the client contracts for the monthly SEO services.

The time line to achieve Top 10 ranking for each keyword/phrase/search term depends on the competition (number of competing sites) for each keyword/phrase/search term, the age of the website, Page rank of competing sites, and many other factors. The time line to reach first page could be as little as 30 days for search terms/phrases with less than 250,000 competing pages to 12 months for search terms close to 2-3 million competing pages.

After the keywords have ranked, the monthly maintenance costs to retain/improve ranking will cost 50-75% of the monthly costs.

Patience is the Key to success and Guaranteed SEO

As an SEO expert providing the best SEO and Affordable SEO services, we ensure that the client gets what he/she has contracted us for.

As a business owner, you have had a website for a number of years but the actual sales it has generated is negligible. Where have you gone wrong, what can you do to put it right? Your first port of call in such a situation would be an SEO Expert or SEO Specialist to carry out some analysis on your website and see what is wrong. As an Expert SEO, We are well versed in SEO techniques and will be able to look at your website and analyze what needs changing. There could be many things wrong with your website from bad keywords to very poor content but both of those are easy to put right.

Search engine optimization is not rocket science or quantum physics but if you don’t know anything about it then it may as well be either of those things. SEO won’t make much sense to the uninitiated and certainly some of the terms and phrases used, and techniques will baffle even those that know a little about it. We know SEO techniques and act in a highly professional way. You may not understand what we as SEO Experts are doing but you need to know what we are doing and why. As an SEO Expert we will also tell you in advance the techniques and strategies we will use with your SEO. Your website is your online presence and as such it needs to be the best.

A Professional SEO Specialist is crucial for the success of your website and business, because most traffic comes through Top 10 search engine results (SERPs) in Google, and most people only view the first 1-3 pages of Google search results for what they are looking for.

But SEO is not an exact science and top SEO rankings for keywords cannot be achieved in a few days or a month or two. Depending on the number of keywords, competition, age of the site, Page rank, and numerous other parameters, it may take months to achieve first page rankings for very competitive keywords/phrases/search terms. This is a fact that website owners must understand and accept.

The client also needs to understand that there are limitations to what a White hat SEO Expert like us can do for ranking. We will not use Black hat SEO tactics just to achieve ranking even if the client is impatient and wants ranking as quickly as possible. A client needs to be realistic about what can and will be achieved with Website SEO. The website cannot achieve Top rankings overnight. No SEO expert will guarantee 100% rankings and #1 at that as this is just not possible. But some guarantees can be given, such as getting the maximum keywords to rank in Top 10. A website can rank on first page of Google SERPs quickly if Black hat SEO techniques are used. But this may get your website banned or penalized by Google.

If you have launched a new website or need expert SEO services to rank your website in Top 10 and compete against your competitors, it is important to be patient and not expect immediate results and top rankings from the SEO Specialist services. Depending on the competition for a keyword/phrase, Page Rank of competing sites, current ranking for keyword/phrase, and numerous other factors, it may take a few weeks to a few months to rank a keyword/phrase in Top 10 of SERPs.

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